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Our Activities

The main aim of Sonar Bangla IT Society is to make people aware regarding Information Technology. Provide ideas and training regarding the Open Source Operating Systems. Making the trainees more interested about Outsourcing. By developing free website at each educational institution establishing all the activities of all the educational institutions on-line based. In this age of information technology, we shall require to move forward in tandem with the world, we would require establishing Sonar Bangla or Golden Bengal. In continuity to that our Sonar Bangla IT starts its journey. Overall, our aim is to spread IT services throughout the country and to provide free IT training at each educational institution. Like the developed world, our aim is to establish a web-based educational system. With the collective support from all, we would like to take our country/ Bangladesh forward in information technology, so that we could stand parallel to the developed world.

Sonar Bangla IT Society brings free hosting services for you. If you are a doctor, engineer, lawyer or social worker then we shall offer you free website along with one year free hosting services, with a service charge of Taka 600 per year.

The details of our free package is given below:

500 megabyte disk space

5 GB monthly bandwidth

5 email address

5 MYSQL database

In addition:

C-Panel Training:

Repeated use of C-Panel, preparing database, connecting database, preparing users of database, saving/ maintaining/ keeping required files and folders in file manager, connecting and dis-connecting, giving detailed ideas regarding FTP server, opening and using FTP account and creating different files with FTP, editing, deleting, uploading and downloading, opening and using webmail accounts according to the clients own will, forwarding email, if necessary setting up add-on domain and sub-domain, installing various CMS from the quick start options of the C-Panel etc.

LINUX training:

Giving detailed ideas regarding the LINUX operating system and its advantages, LINUX command line syntax, giving ideas about the LINUX directory and file systems, required commands regarding handling files and directories, required text and shell filter, linking files with hard link and soft link, redirection and pipe, giving ideas regarding LINUX text editor, exploring and replacing required texts, introducing some popular LINUX distribution (e.g., Bonito, Fedora, Elementary etc.), use of LINUX terminal, project based LINUX installation.

Training in web design and development:

Giving ideas regarding HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, MYSQL etc. necessary tags, Attribute, Property, Function etc., enhancing speed of work by using various types of editors, handling various types of errors, uploading any sites to the server with the support of C-Panel and finally, developing a complete project-based website.

Facilities for school management software:

School management software currently is an essential software for the educational institutions. All the required information of the school are stored in it. In addition, the school management software is prepared by organized assembling of information on identity of the students, information of their classes and examinations, attendance, results of tests/ examinations, all the information regarding the teachers etc. Sonar Bangla IT Society has brought to you completely systematically prepared school management software that will make your task of school management more fast and perfect.