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One Step Ahead to reach digital Bangladesh

One more step ahead towards developing Digital Bangladesh

Since after 29 December 2008 the numbers of internet users (in Bangladesh) has increased up to 40.3 million (4 crore 30 lacs). 3G connection network has been expanded in 290 upazillas of the country. Young technical experts has earned about 200 million dollars foreign currency in international steps. At this moment, in entire Bangladesh about 6 lac freelancers are working from which there is an earnings of about 21 million US dollars. About 3 thousand new mobile apps developers have been developed/ trained. Along with this for creating employment of women and increase their technology-based income various programmes have been undertaken. Today 10.6 million (1 crore 60 lacs) people have been included in/ is being covered by mobile banking. From among 193 states under the International Telecommunication Union of the World, 115 states have voted us towards supporting such development, promotion and progress of information technology in Bangladesh, to win as a member councillor of ITU. Click the following video for details: