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Sonar Bangla IT Society is a not-for profit organization.

Our main aim is to develop all level of people of the country skilled in information technology. To give them ideas and training about various types of open source. Our dream is that every school of the country will have its own website that initially we shall develop. Simultaneously, we shall inform the school management about the software.

We want that, All children-adolescent of the dear motherland are able to move with the tune of the time,

They become enlightened with the light of information technology from their childhood and adolescent period-Meanwhile, we hold the same attitude towards the youth. Our objective is develop all young people of every region of the country improved and skilled by providing necessary knowledge and training to them on information technology. To implement this great initiative we are inviting the elites of the country to join us. Side by side, we are seeking financial support from them.

We know that the child of today is the resource for the future and the young people of today are the real representatives of the country in the global stage. Be involved with the Sonar Bangla IT Society to develop the children, adolescents and young women and men of all walks of life to be prepared to meet the challenges of time and become a partner in taking our programmes fast forward.

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