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New Horizon, New Life, Invitation to a New Day, We shall build the Nation, SBIT is with us

Our Story

We all have some dreams for the country. To realize the dream to do something for the Country and its people, it is necessary to provide sincere and tireless labour, to move forward against relentless barrier, and need to love people. Towards realizing those dreams our Sonar Bangla IT Society has gradually started its journey. To spread the IT education throughout the country we brought to you free IT training.

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Our Activities

The main aim of Sonar Bangla IT Society is to make people aware regarding Information Technology. Provide ideas and training regarding the Open Source Operating Systems. Making the trainees more interested about Outsourcing. By developing free website at each educational institution establishing all the activities of all the educational institutions on-line based. In this age of information technology, we shall require to move forward in tandem with the world, we would require establishing Sonar Bangla or Golden Bengal. In continuity to that our Sonar Bangla IT starts its journey. Overall, our aim is to spread IT services throughout the country and to provide free IT training at each educational institution. Like the developed world, our aim is to establish a web-based educational system. With the collective support from all, we would like to take our country/ Bangladesh forward in information technology, so that we could stand parallel to the developed world.

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We Need You!

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Do you dream of a change?

Then come forward, to build the Sonar Bangla the collective efforts of every citizen is enough. To move forward Bangladesh that is advanced in information technology some assistance is required from all.

Come forward, let us do something new, let us sow the seed of new dream.

Our Bangladesh will be illuminated by the new Sun of the new Day. The Sonar Bangla/ Golden Bengal will emerge/ evolve.

We welcome you to be a partner in this great endeavor.

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